Miami Super Bowl Host Committee Golf Tournament



FORMAT: 4-person Scramble.

All players on a team will play from the teeing ground of each hole. (Each team members Tee shot must be selected a minimum of 2 times during the round). The team will select the ball to be used for the next stroke. A ball lying in the General area may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty, and placed within 12 inches of where it originally lay, not nearer the hole, not in a penalty area, and not on a putting green. A ball so lifted is in play when placed. If it is decided that the player whose ball is selected will play first, the team will proceed as follows after the player plays:

  1. If the competitor's ball lay in the general area, the following players will place a ball (a) not more than 12 inches from where the players ball lay, (b) not nearer the hole, (c) not in a penalty area and (d) not on a putting green;
  2. If the players ball lay in a bunker the lie shall be recreated as nearly as possible and the players will place a ball in that lie; in a penalty area, the ball should be placed in the nearest most similar lie.
  3. If the players ball lay on a putting green, the players will place a ball as near as possible to the spot, which the players ball occupied, but not nearer the hole.

All participants will play from the designated tee marker. (Men and women will play from the same tee).

Defined by- The inside edge at ground level of white stakes, roadways including curbing, ground on homeowner's side of lateral water hazards.

Where not painted, the putting green-side edge of the bulkhead defines the margin of the penalty area, the bulkhead is in the hazard.

Each player must provide a verifiable GHIN or comparable handicap. No player will be allowed a higher handicap than 18. Team handicap will be calculated by 10% of the sum of all 4 players handicap subtracted from total score.

Player A – 10 hdcp. Player B – 8 hdcp. Player C – 6 hdcp. Player D – 16 hdcp.

Total combined handicap: 40. 10% of combined handicap is 4. 4 will be subtracted from total score.

After completion of the round, competitors are to return scorecards to the Committee at the scoring area next to the Pro Shop.

Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place. In case of ties there will be a playoff for First Place Only. If there are more than two teams tied for first place there will be a playoff for all three spots. If no ties for First exist, Second and Third places will be determined by matching cards on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes (10-18). If still tied, the winner will be determined by the last six holes, last three holes and finally the 18th hole. If ties continue, the process of matching cards hole-by-hole starting with the 17th hole and going backward will continue until the tie is broken.


The current Rules of the United States Golf Association and The R&A govern play. See FSGA Championship Policies for additional Local Rules and Conditions click here. Complete text of Rules may be found in the current “Rules of Golf” and “Committee Procedures.”

  • GPS & Lasers (WITHOUT Slope/Slope turned OFF) are allowed.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule or Condition for Four-ball Stroke play -- Two strokes.
  • Disregard Local Rules printed on club scorecards or posted at the course.

FLORIDA STATE GOLF ASSOCIATION - Local Rules and Terms of the Competition


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